Paul Kraaijvanger

Life on the Water

Paul Kraaijvanger has always enjoyed living life on the water. Although it should come as no surprise, Paul Kraaijvanger grew up in Holland, a country that is full of water and almost entirely below sea level. Whether he is swimming, playing water polo, surfing, or rowing, Paul Kraaijvanger is at his best when he is in the water.

After moving to the United States, swimming remained an integral part of Paul’s life. He spent a lot of his youth competing in the local YMCA pools. Paul Kraaijvanger continued to swim competitively all the way through college, when he was a Captain and All American swimmer at Tufts University. During the summers, Paul Kraaijvanger was a lifeguard at Narragansett beach and a participant in the annual lifeguard races when crews from different beaches compete against each other in events such as rowing, swimming, running and surf rescue.

Water Polo

Growing up, Paul Kraaijvanger was also an avid water polo player. The sport was huge in Holland, and became a natural fit for Paul as he was already an experienced swimmer. He continues to play the water polo to this day. Paul Kraaijvanger is currently a board member of East Bay Masters Waterpolo, a group of polo enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels based in El Cerrito, CA.

Easy Bay Masters strives to provide an excellent place for anyone who wants to play water polo in an informal yet competitive setting. People of all ages and abilities come together to compete in different leagues at East Bay; there are even players who are in their 60’s that still enjoy playing competitive waterpolo.

Paul personally does a lot of legwork for East Bay, helping to organize tournaments and set schedules. His team is looking forward to attending the Waterpolo Masters Nationals, and they have their eyes on participating in the World Championships in Hungary in the summer of 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about East Bay Masters Waterpolo, please check out the group’s on the link below.

Professional Background:

Paul Kraaijvanger is the Founder of Real Equity Group One, LLC., a San Francisco-based Real Estate Development and Property Management firm. Since entering the industry in 2008 during one of the most difficult parts of the housing crisis, Paul Kraaijvanger has focused primarily on the rehabilitation of multi-unit and single family properties. San Francisco’s housing market is one of the most expensive in the world, so it’s important for Paul Kraaijvanger to do what he can to ease that burden on families. He has since expanded his practice to include new construction projects as well.

A graduate of Tufts University, Paul Kraaijvanger holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Relations. Paul Kraaijvanger also holds an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management.


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