There are various types of water sports. They are divided into three categories. These include in the water, underwater and near the water.

In the water

Swimming tests a person’s fitness and strengths. The objective of competitive swimming is speed improvement and winning. Triathlon involves swimming, cycling and running many distances instantaneously. It tests a person’s fitness and stamina. The most popular triathlon is known as the Ironman Triathlon. Synchronized diving involves stepping on a board and jumping into the water. Divers in the sport perform differently or mimic each other while diving together. Snorkeling utilizes breathing tube while underwater. It is common in clear, calm, warm waters. Water polo is played in the water using a ball. It is a very competitive and intense sport.


Free-diving involves diving without gadgets. The objective of the sport is to test people’s limits.Scuba Diving involves swimming for a long period utilizing compressed air in a tank. Canoeing uses a small boat and can be conducted either in a group or individually.

Near the water

Fishing is the sport of catching fish. There are different types of fishing. These include deep-sea fishing, fly-fishing and big-game fishing. On the other hand, Spearfishing utilizes spear guns to fish. Kayaking utilizes small boats to move in the water. The sport can take place in the lakes, seas or white-water rivers. Kitesurfing utilizes the wind to drag the rider on the surface of the water. Parasailing utilizes para-sailers that hold a rope and are moved behind a vehicle at high speeds. Rowing utilizes human power to move a boat. It can occur in the ocean, lakes or rivers. 

While Wake-boarding involves driving a wakeboard towed by a motor boat on the water surface. Jet skiing uses a watercraft appliance to race on water. Water skiing utilizes skis to move on the water surface. Kite surfing uses a wakeboard that gets pulled using a kite. Bodyboarding utilizes a bodyboard that carries a person to the shoe using the wind. Rafting uses an inflatable raft to maneuver through a river. It involves 4-12 people. Power-boating utilizes power boats to race. Water aerobics occurs in shallow water. It strengthens the body of a person. Parasailing utilizes a parachute that tows behind a boat.