Statistics indicate that there are approximately 23 million people in the world today who enjoy the sport of surfing. Avid wave riders enjoy the sport year-round at destinations that span the globe. The best-surfing destinations have the right wind patterns, tides and certain types of waves. However, some coastal locations are more favored than others.

Gold Coast, Australia

Australia’s Gold Coast remains renowned for having more than 43 miles of beaches in addition to four point breaks. Superbank is considered to be one of the most epic point breaks. The waves here include high-rising solid walls that fall forward into tubes. Along with offering spectacular waves, the large expanse of oceanfront continues attracting surfers from all over the world.

Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii has been a popular surfing location for decades. Oahu is still considered to be one of the best surfing spots among professionals. The destination is renowned for the crest of the Pipeline. The wave remains the largest and most difficult to navigate on the planet. It is not unusual for the waves to rise more than 18 feet in height and form perfect tubes. However, the danger lies in the razor-blade sharp table reef that hides below.

County Donegal, Ireland

Although Ireland is not thought of by many to be a surfing hotspot. But, the waves along Bundoran Beach are considered some of the best in Europe. However, the cold climate is not for everyone. Yet, seasoned surfers favor the location for the rolling waves that form after ricocheting off the headlands and flat reefs.

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

The islands consist of 70 chains that formed off Sumatra’s western coast. The best surfing locations include the northern and southern areas of Pagi, Siberut and Siparo. The largest waves are found here from June until September. A quick ferry ride takes surfers to the hotspots known as the Bankvaults, Gilligan’s, Lance’s Left and Right along with Macaronis.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

The “J Bay” on the Eastern Cape is one of the most famous surfing locations on the planet. The waves formed here start as high walls of water that gradually roll forward creating tubes. The different long, rapid barrels earned the nicknames “Boneyards,” “Magna Tubes” and the ultimate “Supertubes.” The variety of waves found here also make it the ideal destination for surfers of all experience levels.