Getting certified as a scuba diver is an important step if they wish to have the proper training before going on a dive. Here are some steps that you must follow in order to get your certification.

Meet Age Requirements

The first thing that any diver must qualify for is age. You must be 12 years of age to begin scuba diving training and receive your certification. Fortunately, those who are younger than 12 years of age have the opportunity to participate in junior diver programs to prepare them for when they are ready to take the actual test.

Ensure That You Are Physically Capable

Diving is a physically demanding activity that requires you to be in decent physical shape. Make sure that you follow the World Recreational Scuba Training Council’s guidelines and request a physical from your doctor to see that you are physically prepared to begin diving.

Find the Right Training

If you qualify in the age department and are physically fit, you will need to find the right training facility to help you learn the basics of scuba diving. Be sure to read Google reviews on these facilities to find the best one that suits you. Cost, location, and who is in charge of these training programs are all important aspects that you should consider if you wish to receive the proper training.

Pass the Watermanship Test

The Watermanship test is the next step to become a certified scuba diver. This test will ensure that you are comfortable in the water and have retained the information that you learned during your training sessions. Most Watermanship tests will require you to swim continuously for 300 years and float for 10 minutes without the use of any aids.

Take the Open Waters Training

After you have completed your Watermanship training, your instructors will take you out in open waters for dives. Instructors will take notes on how well you perform and require you to do more training before you get your certification. However, most training programs end here if you pass their test.

Legal Documentation and Signing

You will be required to sign legal documents in order to receive your scuba diving certification after you have passed all of your tests. Once you have received your certification, you will now be able to obtain air fills and rental tanks at trusted outlets. You will also be able to engage in open water diving conditions without the need for supervision.